This WEBQUEST will guide you through a few activities that will test your knowledge of Romeo and Juliet, as well as allow you to explore more about the young lovers using the internet.

Follow all of the directions before answering any questions. You must use the websites and activities specified on this sheet and not your own.

When you go to the websites for information or activities, right click the link, then open in new window. This way you will not have to travel back and forth from the original WEBQUEST.

You will also need to open a Word Document to type your answers in.

When you have finished, you will need to print off your completed WEBQUEST and turn it in to Miss Rushworth.

I. Go to the following website:

Read the section labeled “Background.”

1.     When was Romeo and Juliet written?

2.     Why do some people think Shakespeare killed Mercutio in the play?

Now scroll down and read the section labeled “Themes, Applications, and Essays.”

3.     How does Romeo and Juliet apply to teenagers today?

4.     Define Foreshadowing and explain how it is used in the play.

Now read the section labeled “Vocabulary.”

5.     Pick 3 words Shakespeare used in the vocabulary section and tell what they stand for. 

II. Use the following website to complete the next activity.

You will create a front and back book cover for Romeo and Juliet in this section. You will need to be able to explain why you designed your cover the way you did. Once you are at this website, click on "front and back cover." Then you may design your cover. When it asks what kind of printer, choose black ink.

Click on the tabs to the left to create your book cover. The front should include the following: the title, author, date written. The back should include a 4 to 6 sentence summary that you think would sell this book. It should be like the summaries you read on the back of books.
When you are finished with your creation, you will need to print it BEFORE you close the page. 

III. Now go the following website and take the online interactive quiz. Follow the directions to answer the questions.

At the end, when your results are shown, type the number of how many you missed, and raise your hand so that the teacher can come look at your results. SHE MUST SEE THE RESULTS FOR YOU TO MOVE ON.

IV. Read the essay at the following website.

Do you think Romeo and Juliet would have become the classic that it is today if it had ended happily? In other words, would it be as famous as it is if Romeo and Juliet had not died? Explain your answer in no less than 10 sentences.

V. Turn in ALL of your work from the WEBQUEST in the order listed on this sheet.

REMEMBER – if you don’t turn in what you did online, you will not receive credit for the WEBQUEST. 

If you get done and have time, you can go to the following website and see Shakespeare insults! It is pretty funny, so check it out!